Fashion Picture Analysis Part 2.


This picture is a fashionista picture that shows what make-up she is wearing and facial features that they added as well. This is shown to be a Close Shot (CS) as it shows only her face and not parts of her body. This is to show her make-up, her hair, the ring she is wearing or her pose. The angle the photographer has used is a straight angle to sow her facial details. The genre is reconsidered to be fashion as it shows her eyelashes, lipstick, ring,eyebrows and her hair. I think the photographer thinks that it is a serious fashion image as it shows that she is not smiling and it is a black and white picture. The most important thing that ‘stands out’ is the make-up. I think they would like the image as they want to show the image to the whole world of fashion. They are trying to show the make-up that she is using.


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