Survival of the Fittest

This website page shows how to survive anywhere!!! Just follow these steps!!!

  1. Be well prepared but not over packed:

You will not know what will happen in the future. Pack some things that you may think will be useful or will help you on your journey. But do not bring too much stuff though otherwise you will regret it!!! Just bring some spare clothes, some food and a weapon to keep you safe!!!

2. Be sure to have a durable backpack:

You wouldn’t want to carry all your stuff in your arms while you survive! Make sure you have a durable backpack that can keep your stuff safe and will be easily to carry. And also make sure you don’t overfill your bag with too much items! Just make sure you have the right amount of things that you will need!!!

3. Have at least 1 weapon, 1 pocket knife, food and clothes:

Don’t be so unsure to grab a weapon or a tool that will help you on your journey. Those items may support you to be the best survivalist in the world! And also get the correct of amount of items!!! You do not want to over pack!!!




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